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Kim Kardashian Wants Plastic Surgery To Get Rid Of Her Hand Wrinkles

Is Kim Kardashian going way too far? During the ‘KUWTK’ episode on Feb. 23, she revealed she wants to get more work done on her body! What do you guys think?

33-year-old Keeping Up With The Kardashians star Kim Kardashian wants plastic surgery to get rid of her hand wrinkles — what?! This comes on the heels of her getting laser on her cleavage to diminish stretch marks. We think there’s absolutely no need for anymore cosmetic surgeries — she’s already so beautiful!

Kim Kardashian’s Laser Surgery — ‘The Things You Do For Beauty’

It looks like Kim wants more cosmetic surgery done on her body. As if she’s not perfect enough, she wants to get rid of the wrinkles on her hands, remove a scar on her big toe, and laser her stretch marks on her breasts.

On the Feb. 23 episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim visits Beverly Hills cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Simon Ourian with her friend, Jonathan Cheban, to talk about cosmetic surgeries she wants to get done.

Kim tells Dr. Ourian: “I’m like obsessed with my hands. I think they look really wrinkly. Is there anything to tighten them, just so they make my hands look longer?”

They were all joking about Kim getting work done on different parts of her body including removing the stretch marks on her breast. However, it looks like she actually got her laser done for her breasts on the show.

Kim joked, “the things you do for beauty.” It looks like Kim will do anything to get her body looking perfect! Towards the end of the episode, Scott Disick told Kim that she looked way better going all natural. We definitely agree with Scott!

Laser Surgery For The Hands — More Information

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. William Bruno from Beverly Hills, California, EXCLUSIVELY tells ”Laser resurfacing to the hands can improve the texture and even out pigmented areas of the skin, much like it would to the face. This can cost between 4,000 and 7,000 and takes a few days to recover. The procedure can be done in less than one hour.”

Dr. Bruno says that “studies suggest the laser resurfacing does indeed reduce wrinkles, at least for a time.” So, if Kim did decide to get her hands done, she might have to undergo this surgery several times.

Clinical Professor at New Jersey Medical School, Dr. Paul Carniol MD, FACS reveals EXCLUSIVELY to that “the hands actually age faster than the face.” Many women undergo plumping treatments, fat transfers, hyaluronic acid gel, and more to reverse the aging, however, Dr. Carniol tell us some ways you can help reduce wrinkles on your hands without going through any surgeries.

1) Sunscreen – “Even five minutes of sun exposure a day adds up over a lifetime. Use sunscreen every day on your hands to prevent thin, crepey skin. Remember when you’re driving your hands on the steering wheel are exposed to the sun, so apply sunscreen to the back of your hands before you start to drive.”

2) Peptides — “It’s this skin thinning together with the loss of fat that makes veins look more apparent. To combat this, use skin care ingredients like peptides, growth factors and retinol to stimulate the collagen and improve the skin.”

3) Antioxidants — “The backs of the hands are chronically exposed to sun, leading to damage to collagen and elastin, as well as the development of dark sun spots. Applying a cream or serum with antioxidants will help decrease the skin changes from the passage of time and cumulative UV radiation that reaches the skin even if you’re being smart with sunscreen.”

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