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After the success of Hate Story 3, the makers announce Hate Story 4!

After the success of Hate Story 3, the makers announce Hate Story 4!

From the time the first trailer was launched, we knew Hate Story 3 was going to be a success. In fact, it should have been evident the moment the third part was announced for the sex and vengeance trilogy.

And like the predictable twists of the Hate Story 3, the makers of the film revealed their intention to make the fourth part as well. After all the franchise is turning out to be their golden egg laying goose, thanks to our viewers who have a soft corner for such skin flicks!

At the success party of Hate Story 3, producer Bhushan announced to make Hate Story 4 which will again be directed by Vishal Pandya. He hope to see a next year release if the story, casting and shoot goes well. Vishal considers lucky that both the installments of the film succeeded at the box office and is glad to be the one to take it forward. He said he wants something ‘more bad’ and ‘more worse’ in revenge for the next film and once the idea is locked the casting and release will be confirmed.

Hate Story 3 starred Sharman Joshi, Karan Singh Grover, Zareen Khan and Daisy Shah, and carried forward the legacy of the erotic vendetta saga of the previous two films. Zareen Khan and Daisy had shed the homely girl image to go dare bare for the film, a risk that worked for them as the film became a hit! Now let’s see what more the makers can do with the fourth part!


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