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Harry Styles & Kendall Jenner Split Because Of ‘Work Commitments?’

Is it over after just three months? That’s what a new report says, claiming that the two sexy stars have broken up because of their busy schedules.

Say goodbye to Hendall! Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner have had a hot, romantic tryst for the past three months, but it may have fizzled out, as a new report claims that the young couple has chosen business over pleasure and broken up because of their busy work schedules.

Harry Styles & Kendall Jenner Break Up — Report

With so much on Kendall and Harry’s dockets, the relationship just couldn’t hold up, and they’ve reportedly decided to call it quits on their long-distance relationship to focus on their careers. “Kendall has been focusing on her modeling on her modeling and Harry is preparing for work on the band’s fourth album, as well as their stadium tour,” a source told The Sun.

“The reality is that with everything they both have going on, it’s impossible to sustain anything serious,” the source added.

There were hints that the two had split recently when Kendall visited London for Fashion Week but was not seen once with Harry. And instead of attending the fashion show that Kendall walked in, Harry was spotted supporting his friend and former flame Cara Delevingne at the runway she walked down.

And that was apparently intentional: “Harry purposely didn’t go to the Topshop show or have his planned party so people wouldn’t speculate about him and Kendall,” the same source said.

But in the end, there’s reportedly no bad blood between Kendall and Harry despite the split. “There’s been no major fallout,” said the source. “They’re definitely still friends and haven’t ruled anything out for the future.”

Harry Styles & Kendall Jenner Can’t Make It Last

Harry and Kendall first hooked up in Nov. 2013 when they went out to dinner in Los Angeles. Their relationship accelerated from there, as Kendall jetted off to meet Harry in New York and London for romantic rendezvouses, and the Kardashian clan quickly grew fond of the One Direction singer.

But Harry and Kendall’s careers are truly booming right now, so it does make sense that they’re having trouble finding time for a relationship. At least there’s still a chance for the sexy couple to reunite.

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